Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Same Country Different Cultured Foods

Guessing Game - Multiple choice questions, choose your choice of answer and post your comments. The answers will reveal sooner or later.

For Example: 1) Right Answer A, A, A... 2' count weight 55gm Idli has 90 Calories, 19.4gm Carbs and 2.8gm Protein.

Let's start the game..

1) Idli (Rice Cake Made Out Of Urad Dhal, Idli Rava)

2'  Weight 55gm 
Calories   Carbs   Protein
A. 90       A. 19.4   A. 2.8gm
B. 80        B. 22.3   B. 1.9gm

Answer: Calories - 90, Carbs -19.4, Protein - 2.8gm

2) Appam (Fermented Flat Bread Made Out Of Rice and Coconut)

 1' Weight 120gm  
Calories    Carbs             Protein
A. 110       A. 21.2gm       A.4.8gm
B. 214       B. 39.4gm       B. 3.5gm

Answer:  Caloreis -214, Carbs - 39.4, Protein -4.8gm

3) Thepla (Indian Flat Bread Made Out Of Wheat Flour, Curd, Spices and Oil)

1' Weight 75gm
Calories   Carbs             Protein
A. 215       A. 28.7gm      A. 7.2
B. 86         B. 11.5gm       B. 6.3

Answer: Calories -215, Carbs -28.7gm, Protein -7.2

4) Dhokla (Gujarati Snack Made Out Of ChickPea Flour, Spices, and Curd)

2' Weight 40gm
Calories   Carbs         Protein
A. 68        A. 8.8         A. 3.1
B. 35        B. 5.9         B. 2.6

Answer: Calories- 68, Carbs- 8.8, Protein-3.1

Source: Dr. Mohan's Atlas Of Indian Foods
              Madras Diabetes Research Foundation

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