Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homemade Hair Oil, Face Pack and Soaps

Friends, Last week I shared an article on toxic carcinogenic compounds in our beauty supplies. Isn't it ironic that most beauty products have chemical that are dangerous to skin. For those who are unaware of the chemicals in our beauty supplies click

In that frustration my mind thought of making homemade hair oil, and face packs. 

1. My Second batch of Homemade Hibiscus hair oil is ready.

2. My personal recommendation-  Apply Organic Extra virgin Coconut oil and EV. Olive oil as a healthy supplement to hair once or twice a week. And moisture your skin and lips with EV coconut oil before bed. The results are astonishing.

3. Ripened Avocado hair mask (I love this hair mask - Excellent for dry hair)

Recipe for Homemade Face Pack:

 2 cups Rose petals (Dried)
 1/2 cup Organic Steel cut Oats
4' Almonds
A pinch of turmeric

Method and Application.
1. Blend all the ingredients together to a fine powder. Store it in a container ( It Last longer periods).
2. Make a smooth paste (1 tbs) with honey or yogurt (optional) and apply all over face and neck leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with Luke warm water.
3. The results are astonishing.

Skin Benefits Of Oats: 
1. It has great exfoliating properties.
2. Oats can be used as natural face scrub.
3. It removes dead cells and blackheads.
4. It gives instant glow and radiance to skin.

Skin Benefits of Almonds:
1. Almonds nourishes the skin, oats moisturizes the skin and yogurt tightens it along with making it soft and soothing. Almonds works great for dry skin.
2. Reduce Almonds for oily skins.
3. Oily skin always tends to attract dirt due to excessive sebum production. This leads to breakouts and acne. Multani mitti helps to absorb the excess oil and almond powder helps to remove the dirt from your skin.

Skin Benefits Of Rose Petals:
1. As a natural toner Rose petals helps tighten pores and restores glowy complexion.
2. It suits for all skin types.
3. The sugars in rose creates a soothing feeling.
4. Rose contains a powerful antioxidant. This important vitamin protect skin cells from sun damage.

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