Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sprouted Beans and Kale Dosa (Indian Crepe)

"Health Benefits of Sprouts from http://gentleworld.org/easy-healthy-guide-to-sprouting/

Sprouts are…
- A potent source of antioxidants and alkalizing to the body. Both of these effects are essential for protecting against disease and strengthening the immune system.
- A good source of essential fatty acids, which many diets are lacking in.
- An excellent source of fiber.
- Rich in chlorophyll, if you allow them to reach their green leaf stage. (Chlorophyll is a powerful blood cleanser and blood builder.)
- A good source of vitamins. (The vitamin density of some seeds can increase from 100% to 2000% after several days of sprouting.)
- Filled with an array of essential minerals. (During sprouting, the minerals develop into a chelated form, making them easier for the body to utilize).
- A good source of protein. (One cup of mung bean sprouts has 3.16 grams of protein!)*
Sprouts are low in calories and low on the glycemic index, making the high return for your investment worth the initial time and money spent. Only a few dollars and a few easy days will provide you with a number of fresh, nutrient-rich meals or snacks".

Source: http://gentleworld.org/easy-healthy-guide-to-sprouting/

*From the USDA Nutritional Database.


 Yellow Split Peas          -  1/4th Cup
Green Lentils                  - 1/4th Cup
Green Split Peas             - 1/4th Cup
Black Beans                    - 1/4th Cup
Pinto Beans Red Lentils - 1/4th Cup
Black Eye Peas               - 1/4th Cup
White Beans                   - 1/4th Cup
Adzuki Beans                 -  1/4th Cup
Red Beans                      - 1/4th Cup
Redchillies                      - 5'
Salt to taste
Kale                                -10 Sprigs
Ginger                            - 5 thinly sliced/ 2 cubes


1. Soak all the ingredients over night. Wash and drain the beans.
2. Place your legumes / beans on a tea towel inside a strainer or colander for 24 hours or a sprout maker. The sprouts are ready when you can see little tail. ( sprouting or germination is optional).
3.  Blend all the ingredients.
4. On a medium heat pan spread one teaspoon oil evenly with a sliced onion.  pour and spread the batter evenly.
5. Sprinkle your choice of oil when it turns golden brown the dosa/Indian crepe is ready.
6. Enjoy with your favorite chutney.

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Germinated Brown Rice: A review by Swati Bhauso Patilcorresponding author and Md. Khalid Khan
Nutrition of germinated grains has been studied since decades ago. It is good for preventing headache, relieving constipation, preventing cancer of colon, regulating blood sugar level and preventing heart disease. If brown rice is soaked in 40 °C water for 8–24 h. Okada et al. (2000) reported that intake of GABA suppressed blood pressure and improved sleeplessness, and autonomic disorder observed during the menopausal or presenile period. Continue Reading..http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3551059/

 10 Bean Soup Mix for the dosa is available in Costco/Trader Joe's/Whole Foods/Sprouts

Common Home made remedies for foods that cause gas (digestive disorder)-

"Foods that produce gas in one person may not cause gas in someone else, depending on how well individuals digest carbohydrates and the type of bacteria present in the intestines". References :http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/gas/

  • "Drink hot teas  Drink soothing tea as a peppermint tea, ginger tea, fennel tea, or chamomile tea. This will relieve the discomfort that you are experiencing. Peppermints are the best in this respect since peppermint contains methanol, an anti-spasmodic medicine and relieves the gases quickly.
  • Chew fennel seeds Chewing flannel seeds also reduces gas formation and reduced the pain as the flannel seeds reduce gases inside the stomach. One teas spoon should be enough at a time.
  • Drink apple cider vinegar Two table spoons of apple cider vinegar mixed up with a cup of water and drank slowly will ease the pain.
  • Boil tangerine peels and bay leaves Tangerine peels boiled in water for 5 minutes and sipped like tea will alleviate pain. The peels can also be eaten raw. This will work as digestive aid.
    Bay leaves can also tried the same way as the Tangerine peels".

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  Source: http://www.newhealthguide.org/Home-Remedies-For-Gas-Pain.html