Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kids in the kitchen

Cooking with kids-
Paneer on the skewers - Place small cubes of Paneer on skewer, fire it up on Gas burner or use grill pan for electric stove with pineapple cubes or choice of fruits  (optional). Flavor with their choice of chocolate syrup.

My Recommendations:

Top five reasons to get kids involved in cooking

1. Cooking together involve kids to share what's going on in their lives because cooking together is a bonding time.
2. Eating together what they cook is sense of pride and achievement it is nothing but building self -esteem.
3. Cooking new food by themselves is more likely to eat it or try it.
4. Researches show kids who tend to cook eats more fresh fruits and vegetables.
5. Finally, cooking with kids gives a kid important lifelong skill.

Simple baking and pan grilling vegetables-
Asparagus sprinkled with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pepper and baked 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

Grilled  Squash and Zucchini on Grilled pan

Terrific article really caught my eye by
 Anu Dhole-Patil

Every mother should tell her son...........................

Tomorrow you may get a working woman, but you should marry her with these facts as well.

Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are;
Who is earning almost as much as you do;

One, who has dreams and aspirations just as
you have because she is as human as you are;

One, who has never entered the kitchen in her life just like you or your Sister haven't, as she was busy in studies and competing in a system that gives no special concession to girls for their culinary achievements

One, who has lived and loved her parents & brothers & sisters, almost as much as you do for 20-25 years of her life;

One, who has bravely agreed to leave behind all that, her home, people who love her, to adopt your home, your family, your ways and even your family ,name

One, who is somehow expected to be a master-chef from day #1, while you sleep oblivious to her predicament in her new circumstances, environment and that kitchen

One, who is expected to make the tea, first thing in the morning and cook food at the end of the day, even if she is as tired as you are, maybe more, and yet never ever expected to complain;
to be a servant, a cook, a mother, a wife, even if she doesn't want to; and is learning just like you are as to what you want from her; and is clumsy and sloppy at times and knows that you won't like it if she is too demanding, or if she learns faster than you;

Yes, she can drink and dance just as well as you can, but won't, simply

Because you won't like it, even though you say otherwise

One, who can be late from work once in a while when deadlines, just like yours, are to be met;

One, who is doing her level best and wants to make this most important, relationship in her entire life a grand success, if you just help her little and trust her;

One, who just wants one thing from you, as you are the only one she knows in your entire house - your support, and most importantly - your understanding, or love, if you may call it that.

But not many guys understand this.......

Please appreciate "HER"

Send this to all girls to make their day and to all guys who can handle it.