Friday, September 20, 2013

Lean Cuisine Frozen Meals

"Some say ignorance is bliss, considering all the alarming information there is to know about food these days and products to watch out for. But let me ask you, do you call living with chronic illnesses (asthma, allergies, endometriosis, and eczema) and being on several prescription drugs in your 20’s, bliss?100% All Natural Products Can Be Chock Full Of GMOs"
" Lean Cuisine responded on their facebook page, and confirmed once again they have genetically modified ingredients in their products labeled 100% all natural. Check out their latest status - and make sure to leave a comment
Read and watch the full investigation here
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And Castoreum (or beaver butt) is just one of the ingredients that could be called a “natural flavor.” But there are many other things called “natural flavors” that could be lurking in your food. We’ll never know what they are because the food companies won’t tell us as they consider this information proprietary.  

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