Tuesday, September 17, 2013

hype in repositioning Horlicks in India - Moneylife

 ..."macronutrients (fat+protein+carbohydrate) together constitute 11.3% in cow’s milk and 15.8% in buffalo milk.  If micronutrients are the only criterion, then it is better to consume a rational multivitamin formulation with a glass of 200 ml of cow or buffalo milk. Even if you consider macronutrient groups, Horlicks formulation does not enhance the macronutrient profile of milk by much. As a matter of fact, consuming buffalo milk with fortified multivitamin capsule works out even better both in terms of cost-effectiveness and micronutrient requirements than with added Horlicks. Further, if flavor is a consideration then one can easily add readily available flavors to just plain milk whether buffalo or cow to suit one’s taste" Article by Dr Arvind Shenoy is an MSc (Organic Chemistry) and PhD in Biochemistry from UDCT, Mumbai. He has 43 years of experience in the analysis, R&D and marketing of foods, organic and inorganic chemicals, plastics, rubber, paper, textiles, waxes, leather, pharmaceuticals, etc. Dr Shenoy, the researcher of consumer products is also Chairman of Centre for Sustainable Development, Mumbai.)
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