Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Kind of Milk Is Best? - Ask Dr. Weil

What Kind of Milk Is Best?
You have mentioned various alternatives to cow's milk, including soy and almond milk, but what do you think about coconut milk? Do you have a preferred substitute for cow's milk in an adult's diet?
(Published 8/20/2013)

I don't view coconut milk as a substitute for other types of milk because of its high fat content – one cup contains 48 grams of fat, of which 43 grams are saturated fat. It is also high in calories – 445 per cup compared to 150 for a cup of whole milk and 130 for a cup of fortified soy milk.
If you need a substitute for cow's milk, I usually recommend soy milk. It is widely available and provides more protein than other "milks" on the market. It also has a creamy texture, but you may have to experiment with different brands to find one with a taste you like. Although soy milk is high in calcium, it doesn't provide as much as cow's milk, so look for a calcium-fortified brand. Buy only organic soy products and look for soy milk brands that do not contain the thickening agent carrageenan, a seaweed derivative, which I do not view as safe.

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