Thursday, August 8, 2013

Food Atlas -200 Foods with Nutritional Values

The Atlas of Indian Foods is first of its kind in India and features more than 200 foods with various portion sizes in each category along with nutritional values. Indian diets continue to be meal based and the foods in the atlas were chosen to include the most commonly consumed choices in the 3 main meals namely breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also includes other foods such as animal foods, snacks, fruits, nuts, beverages and sweets. The colorful pictures are a visual treat representing commonly consumed foods and their nutritional impact in terms of its energy; macronutrients and dietary fibre are given below the picture for better comprehension. The atlas also includes common portion tools like cups, spoons (tea and table spoons), ladles (rice ladle, round ladle for gravy and vegetable shallow ladle) and standard containers like ‘can’, ‘boxes’ and ‘milk pouches, to help the user with realistic portion tools. or Let me Know I can order in bulk.