Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spread For The Bread-

Early in the morning - Clock is ticking, my tummy is roaring and as a health freak, my brain is not cooperating to pick fast food because of my long day at school. Hence, with the energy and the creativity sense I created blending combination of ingredients to make healthy spread for Sandwich.

1. Blend two Avocados, one bunch of Coriander stalks, six Almonds, one -two tablespoons of your choice of cooking oil, one green Thai chilly (Optional) Salt to taste, and two tablespoons of lemon juice.
2. Store the spread in an airtight container..shelf life is four days approximately.

*My daughter and her basketball team tried spreading on Potato sandwich ( Sliced potatoes, sprinkled with oil, Red chilly, Salt and Turmeric Powder (optional)) and Sauteed.
*My husband tried turkey sandwich with spread on the bread.
*Me with wheat grain chips and dip.

We all devoured the creamy fatty taste from Avocado, crunch from Almonds, Aroma of Coriander, and sour taste of lemon ahhh..