Monday, July 22, 2013

Nutritional Benefits Of Ragi ( Finger Millet Flour)

Food Of The Day: Millet or Ragi

Nutritional benefits of Ragi:

"- Ragi is high in protein content. It contains an amino acid called Tryptophan which lowers appetite and helps in keeping weight in control. Also, Fibers present in ragi gives a feeling of fullness.
-It is an extremely good source of iron and calcium which helps in strengthening bones. Excellent source of natural calcium for growing kids and aging people.
-The Ragi based foods are highly suited for expectant mothers, Kids and elderly due to there high calcium and iron content."
- It helps in controlling blood sugar.
- It lowers cholesterol.
- Ragi consumption helps in relaxing body naturally. It is beneficial in conditions of anxiety, depression and insomnia.
- Ragi is also useful for migraines.
- It contributes to bone formation and improves skin health.
- If consumed regularly (Moderation) it could put premature aging at bay.

*It is not advised to patients having Kidney stones.

How to incorporate Ragi Flour into our Diets-

- Ragi flour can be used to make flat breads, chapatis, dosas, idlis.
- "Ragi is rich in calcium. Instead of popping a pill, which takes time for our body to absorb;  you can  substitute that with ragi kanji.
How to Make Ragi Kanji:
1. Boil a glass of water, put a spoon of ragi flour into boiling water, add a little salt and let it cool.
2. Drink it with a pinch of salt and butter milk/ milk/yogurt.
3. This will not just cool your body, but also gives you strength."
- my favorite recipe is Instant Ragi Oat Idli from Should thank Usha (Founder of for sharing such a innovative healthy recipe.
- And my own innovation Ragi and Urad dosa
- Ragi poori (Puffed, Deep Fried Indian Bread)
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