Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Two New Experiments-

My Two New Experiments:

1. Ripened Avocado hair mask (I love this hair mask - Excellent for dry hair)
2. Steamed Ragi (Finger-Millet) and Urad flour (Black Lentil FLour) dosa: (my stomach roared and craved this morning for dosa (had half an hour to prepare and eat) and so..

1. I Mixed 1 cup Ragi flour to 3/4th cup Urad flour.
2. Pinch of Salt
3. Added water to get dosa (Indian-crepe) consistency. (No fermentation hassles)
4. Heated pan, spread ( batter is damn easy to spread) and covered with lid for few seconds.
5. Devoured healthy, steam Ragi and Urad dosa with chutney.

Because I am eating dosa for breakfast my daughter called "typical Indian"...but there is reason behind my craving..

1. I like less ingredients, preferably not more than five (hard to find huh..)
2. Healthy home-made food.
3. No processed ingredients.

On my hectic schedules where I don't have time to eat lunch except fruits, I will start my day with Non-traditional breakfast. (I forced my self to get used to this habit just to avoid outside food with more than five ingredients). It worked out very well..

What are NON-TRADITIONAL food habits?

Having Dinner for breakfast and breakfast for Dinner..

1.My everyday breakfast- Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats cooked in 2% Organic milk and flavored with blueberries.
2. My dinner varies - Homemade Tacos, Pasta, Chapati, Curries, Rice, Dosa, (crepe) Idlis, (Rice Cakes), Lean Turkey/Chicken Sandwiches, etc..