Friday, July 5, 2013

Health Benefits of Avocado followed by a Recipe

 Health Benefits of Avocado followed by a Recipe
 “Avocado (Good fat) Chapatis”

Avocado is Known as Butterfruit in India . In Hindi means Makhanphal. In Telugu it is called Venna Mudda. In Kannada "Bennehannu."

Health Benefits:

1.    Avocados are rich in Potassium.
2.    It boosts good cholesterol “HDL”
3.    It is rich in  Vit C, E, and K. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. 
4.    Consumption of Avocado in daily diets lowers the risk of heart disease.

How to Choose the Fruit Avocado:
1.    Avoid over-ripe.
2.    The portion of the skin closest to the skin is rich in nutrients.

Recipe for Good Fat Chapatis:
      4 1/2 Cups of whole wheat chapati flour
     3 Medium sizes Avocados                                             
      Salt to taste

This recipe makes 30 medium Chapatis.

    1. Mix flour with mashed Avocadoes, salt, and water to make dough.
    2. Let the dough sit for 10minutes.
    3. Divide the dough into equal balls dust it with dry flour and press.
   4. Place the Roti on the skillet, flip the Roti till it changes to light brown color.
   5. Drizzle the Rotis with Olive oil (Optional)
   6.  Devour the nutty, soft and tasty Avocado Chapattis/Rotis.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size- 30 Chapattis
Amount per Serving- 2 medium 6-8’inch  Chapatis 

Calories (kcal)
Total Fat (gm)
Sodium (mg)

Saturated Fat (gm)
Total carbs (gm)
Dietary Fiber (gm)